Happy Brunktöberfest — I’m officially 33 years old! On this glorious occasion, I’ll help myself to this delicious green slime cake! Unlike previous years, unfortunately I won’t be traveling to my hometown in Lancaster, PA, but rather I’ll stay here in New York to work on more animations and photography. I’d really like for this stop-motion Alice in Wonderland short film to be finished by the end of the year, and with my new job at Goldman Sachs, I’ll be able to buy that fancy new computer with superior specs for video editing!

As for the actual photo itself: the green slime cake was actually a plain cheesecake I purchase from ShopRite, and then coated with green icing. The slime is actually a concoction of tapioca pudding, green food coloring, and with a bit of orange juice to make it flow more like liquid. The three LEGO sculptures are of Arnold, Krumm, and Stimpy, built by me previously in spring 2017.

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