On my primary social media outlet — Instagram — I’ve finally exceeded 6,000 followers! This is a big deal, as I’m an extremely controversial member of the AFOL/LUG community, whose offensive and graphic photos are subject to a lot of backlash and scrutiny. I only slowly accrue followers, since I lose just as many as I gain. I use an app to keep track of people who unfollow me, and in the first two weeks of January I lost 100 followers right off the bat. A lot of people in the LEGO community know of me — but they just as despise me! I’m like the punk rock of LEGO.

But enough ranting: here’s several Blacktron II spacemen posed with alongside big numbers on a pane of glass! Although there was some doctoring in post-production — like color-correction and spot removal — the vignetting effect was mainly natural. I achieved this technique by placing desktop lamps close up against the glass pane, and backlighting the scene with another desktop lamp. This created a cool reflecting effect for the front as well, which resembles ice.

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