These package concepts were for an intended series of miniature monkey flash drives for Tzumi, way back in early 2012 when I was the lone graphic designer. My former boss brought these back from a trip to China and had me mockup several blister pack ideas, as well as virtual displays for stores. Some of them were eventually sold at major retailers, but were never really super popular. I started with making the package layouts in Illustrator, followed by revisions in Photoshop. I also did the product photography.

First draft of the concept art, along with a store display:



Next came the second revision:


The second edition was mass-produced and sold in stores:


After these didn’t sell well, I was told to make a new series of goofier monkeys. These were based entirely on virtual illustrations I created in Illustrator. The new ones fortunately never saw the light of day, and were developed by me shortly before I left the company:

stores14 cat34

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