This is a rather long read, but totally worth it if you’re interested in knowing my life story! Read about my tales of glory from my humble beginnings in the outskirts of rural Pennsylvania, to my spectacular and wondrous journey to succeed as a graphic artist in New York City! This autobiography is a living document, and will be revised according to updates and milestones in my life, rather than being concluded on a specific moment.

Interest-ProjPersonal Interests

Check out the comprehensive guide of my favorite bands, movies, and TV shows — as well as my various statistics! Find out what genres I fancy, and which films/bands/shows I detest. You can also see some shameless plugs for my close-friends’ indie bands and movie studios. Yes, that’s me standing with the fella who played Gary on Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

FAQ-ProjFrequently Asked Questions

Inquisition time! Questions destroyed with answers! Cats will eat dogs! I won’t believe it’s not butter! Who will survive!? In this page, I’ve organized typical questions into various sections based on popular categories such as LEGO-related, website-related, and personal questions. For inquiries, please contact me.

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